August 29, 2023

"CAN YOU HEAR ME?" Those were the words Guglielmo Marconi spoke on May 13, 1897 when he and his team made the first successful radio transmission from Flat Holm island to Lavernock across the pond in England. I thought it fitting to use that as the title for the first Blog entry of the newly created SBE Chapter 30 website.

In the Chapter 30 website you will find a Gallery section where we plan to post photos and screenshots from our events and a curated selection of broadcast related photos from members. You will also find an Events section where we plan to list our past and future events moving forward. And of course, you've already found this Blog section, where we plan to post articles or notes related to the Chapter or broadcasting and multimedia technology. Like anything else in our technological world, the site will change as time progresses, hopefully for the better.

That is all for now. Just a brief introduction to the new website. So, "CAN YOU HEAR ME?"

Walter Streeter
SBE Chapter 30 Vice-Chairman

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