Website Rebuild

January 24, 2024

The SBE Chapter 30 website was launched around five months ago, so why did it need to be rebuilt? The primary answer is that we needed to move to a new hosting provider because of costs (hosted by my hosting service package). The old website was built using the previous hosting provider's site-building service/app. And so the old website could not just be copied and moved to the new hosting provider.

At the same time I, had been wanting to learn Bootstrap 5 and brush up on my CSS, etc.. And so I took to rebuilding the SBE Chapter 30 website from scratch, using pure code, no proprietery site builders, using Bootstrap 5, CSS, and HTML (and maybe some JavaScript eventually). My editor of choice was Visual Studio Code.

My rebuild goals were to get the webiste looking fairly close to how it looked previously but with some visual improvements (in my opinion). I also wanted the website to be a responsive, mobile-first site to work across many screen sizes and platforms, a big benefit of using Bootstrap. Hopefully I've come close to hitting my goals.

Well, that's all for now. Happy 2024 everybody and happy new site!

Walter Streeter
SBE Chapter 30 Vice-Chairman

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