March 2024 Announcements

March 23, 2024

The SBE Chapter 30 leadership will post blog entries as we run across information we feel is of interest to our members. This month there are a couple of items of particular interest.


First on our list for this month, congratulations go to Jason Hney from Family Broadcasting Corporation who recently passed the CBNT certification exam.

SBE Ennes Scholarship Opportunity

"Each year, the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust offers scholarships to deserving candidates who aspire to a career in the technical aspects of broadcasting. Scholarship awards are used for tuition, room and board or textbook costs at post-secondary educational institutions, or for other technical training programs approved by the Scholarship Committee. Preference will be given to applicants who are SBE members; however, any individuals otherwise eligible, including graduating high school seniors, are encouraged to apply." Click here for more information.

That's all for announcements for this month.

Walter Streeter
SBE Chapter 30, Vice-Chairman

Man-IP-ulator/Mad Netter Screenshot

Screenshot of Man-IP-ulator/Mad Netter app/game

Networking 102 Slides

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